Strolling in Molivos

Strolling in Molivos….

First, let’s say a few words about your way of ride in Molivos. Into the traditional village, there are only three main roads where cars can be driven. This can only happen at the very early hours and midday during summer days.

 At the entrance of Molivos you can find the municipal parking area (free of charge), which is located at the back side of the Primary School.

Moreover, the school yard can be used as an extra parking area during the summer high season. You can also find a smaller parking on your way to the harbor.

At the traditional harbor of Molivos, there is a small parking which is always full all day long.

Advice! Visit the port on foot. It’s more convenient.

Do you want to visit the castle? Leave your car to the small parking behind Molivos castle, where you can reach it easily.

We must advise our friends that Molivos is famous for its cobbled streets, so you must be very careful with your cars or – for Ladies only – don’t wear your high heels.

If you decide to spend your holidays in Chrisi’s Pension, within a walking distance, you can find so many places to go like the beautiful singly beach.
You can laso watch the beautiful sunset.

You can visit Molivos castle, where you can go either by car or throughout the cobbled streets (too many steps to go up). Up to the castle you can enjoy the big blue or the beautiful harbor.

For shopping or dinner time you can visit the traditional market of Molivos, which is located into the village. You can find many restaurants at the beach and also too many shops at the big main road.

At the beautiful port you can find a lot of fish restaurants, cafes and small lounge music clubs.

Within a walking distance from Molivos, at the back side of the Village you can find Eftallou area, which is very famous for the hot baths and the very cold but very clean waters.